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How To Improve Your English Language

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Today I'll give you some tips about
How To Improve Your English Language...

  1.  Read an English Language newspaper.
  2.  Speak English at every opportunity.
  3.  Read aloud in English for 15-20 minutes every day.
  4.  Watch English programmes on television.
  5.  Listen to the radio news in English.
  6.  Listen to English songs.
  7.  Take part in school English activities.
  8.  Use an English dictionary.
  9.  Imitate mouth movements of those who speak English well.
  10.  Record your own voice and listen for pronunciation mistakes.
  11.  Correspond with English pen-pals.
p/s reminder for myself. Any extra ? drop your comment below 

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Fauzan al-Farisi said...

Saya suka tips yang nomor 7:Take part in school English activities. Mengikuti aktiviti English bersama teman-teman lebih mudah bagi kita untuk mempraktekkan Bahasa Inggris..

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